Snow & Ice Control

If you don’t know about the patented Ice B’ Gone Magic® deicer, let’s just say it’s the best snow and ice product on the market. It is a highly efficient solid granular deicer that can “burn off” up to 2″ of snow with no plowing. It has a residual effect, so it lasts longer than ordinary deicers.

  • Economical – use less, save time and money
  • Non-corrosive – and prevents rust
  • Prevents Ice Formation – effective to -35°
  • Environmentally and Pet Friendly

Available in granular and liquid form.

Can pick up in bulk by the yard, only in Hudson at 81 Ten Broeck Ave.

Otherwise, offered 50 lb. bags and 5 gal. buckets.

Delivery for all is available. Call us with questions or delivery info.


The newest way to get seasoned wood, with no hassle, back-breaking labor, or mess.

We deliver solar kiln-dried firewood in 1/3-cord bags. Yes, bags! We hand load them, so you get the exact amount you’ve paid for and deliver them to you upright, with no mess. Our bags have a 2,200 lb. weight capacity.

The hardwoods we provide are solar kiln-dried – no soft woods – and each piece is cut to an exact consistent length. It’s never been easier or more efficient to have seasoned wood ready for even, steady burning. And our prices beat all others!

Not only great for fireplaces and wood-burning stoves, but also perfect for outdoor pizza ovens and wood-burning grills.

Call us with questions or delivery info.

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